Color Coded Latin: A Teaching Method

by Kathleen Canning

© 2011

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  1. Preface
  2. Color Chart
  3. First Declension
  4. Second Declension
  5. Third Declension
  6. Fourth Declension
  7. Fifth Declension
  8. First Conjugation
  9. Second Conjugation
  10. Third Conjugation
  11. Fourth Conjugation
  12. Irregular Verbs
  13. Latin Sentences Using Declensions and Conjugations
  14. The Genitive Case
  15. The Dative Case
  16. Prepositional Phrases
  17. Pronouns
  18. Interrogative Pronouns
  19. Demonstrative Pronouns
  20. Subjunctive ARE Verbs
  21. Subjunctive Long ERE 2nd Conjugation Verbs
  22. Subjunctive ERE 3rd Conjugation Verbs
  23. Subjunctive I-Stem 3rd Conjugation Verbs
  24. Subjunctive IRE 4th Conjugation Verbs

Interrogative Pronouns

Rogo-rogare: To ask

Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions. ???

Quis ?Who ?
Quid ?What ?


The plural of the interrogative pronoun is identical to the relative pronoun chart . It will have a masculine, a feminine and a neuter column.

The singular is almost the same as the relative pronouns except for the nominative singular and the fact that the masculine and feminine have been condensed to one gender.

This pronoun can ask both direct and indirect questions.

If who or which is modifying a noun it is an interrogative adjective, but follows the same rules as the pronouns.

The interrogative adjective is no more than reusing the relative pronoun (qui-quae-quod) followed by a noun with which it will agree in case, number and gender.

M & F singular can be blue or red. You will use the same word for both.

The plurals have a definite gender for Masculine-Feminine & Neuter.

Quis vidit?Who saw?
Quem vidit?Whom did he see?
Quam vincerunt?Whom (f) did they conquer?
Quem laudat?Whom does he praise?
Quibus hostibus?To which enemies?
Cum cuius filio?With whose son?
Quis vidit regem?Who saw the king?
Quibus amicis dabimus?To which friends shall we give...?
Quid rides?What are you laughing at?

Assume that all except the one highlighted in red (Quam in Quam vincerunt) are masculine (blue).

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