Color Coded Latin: A Teaching Method

by Kathleen Canning

© 2011

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  1. Preface
  2. Color Chart
  3. First Declension
  4. Second Declension
  5. Third Declension
  6. Fourth Declension
  7. Fifth Declension
  8. First Conjugation
  9. Second Conjugation
  10. Third Conjugation
  11. Fourth Conjugation
  12. Irregular Verbs
  13. Latin Sentences Using Declensions and Conjugations
  14. The Genitive Case
  15. The Dative Case
  16. Prepositional Phrases
  17. Pronouns
  18. Interrogative Pronouns
  19. Demonstrative Pronouns
  20. Subjunctive ARE Verbs
  21. Subjunctive Long ERE 2nd Conjugation Verbs
  22. Subjunctive ERE 3rd Conjugation Verbs
  23. Subjunctive I-Stem 3rd Conjugation Verbs
  24. Subjunctive IRE 4th Conjugation Verbs

Latin Present Subjunctive: long ERE VERBS

Learning how to form the Latin Subjunctive tenses is actually very easy. However, learning when to use the Latin Subjunctive can be very tricky. Going step by step and using the same colors used for (ARE-long ERE , ERE and IRE) you will see that by just shuffling a few letters around the formation of the Subjunctive tenses is simple. That is where we will begin. The colors will remain the same as they were when the verbs were in the Indicative mood.

Review the steps for the Indicative Mood of an ARE verb (portare)

Step 1 Look at the 4 principal parts moneo-monere-monui-monitus
Step 2 Identify the 2nd principal part (infinitive) monere
Step 3 Drop the (RE) and you have stem mone
Step 4 Add your personal endings o-s-t-mus-tis-nt=I-you-he-we-you-they

Change the Indicative Mood to the Subjunctive Mood for Long ERE 2nd Conjugation verbs:

Add an (a) to the indicative stem of (e) and add the regular personal endings.

It is actually that simple. To make it Passive just change to Passive personal endings.

Present_Tense Present_Tense
moneo moneam
mones moneas
monet moneat
monemus moneamus
monetis moneatis
monent moneant

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