Book 1 Prelude No. 19 in A Major by JS Bach


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Bach created this Prelude by basing it on the old Gregorian Hymn "Deus Tuorum Militum".

Here you will find a downloadable pdf file showing the music of this hymn. The pdf file also includes the page you are reading, as sheet 4. The MIDI files play the music.

For general information about MIDI files see my article About the MIDI Files in your browser or Download a Copy.


  1. Deus Tuorum Militum Sors et corona praemium Laudes canentes Martyris Absolve nexu criminis.

    O God of your soldiers, whose destiny their reward and garland, release from the bond of sin those singing praises of the martyr.

  2. Hic nempe mundi gaudia Et blanda fraudem pabula Imbuta felle deputans Pervenit ad caelestia.

    Here, certainly, cutting away the delights and alluring deceit of the world , food soaking in bitterness, he returns to your heavenly home.

  3. Poenas cucurrit fortiter Et sustulit viriliter Fundensque pro te sanguinem Aeterna dona possidet.

    He hastened bravely to face punishments and endured them manfully, and shedding blood for you he inherits eternal gifts.

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